Art of Musing

Musing about Art,  seems equally intriguing, abstract and subjective, as the other three letter –  GOD! Omnipresent, yet takes many forms, there is art for expression, to have a dialogue, there is art to meditate, art for aesthetics and politics; It evolves, yet continues to be authentic. The wondrous Creation, takes the form and color of the Creator’s vision, does develop a soul of its own, and always yen to magically transcend its purpose and we can only give this genesis its due glory,  by keep musing on the mystery of its inception.

Then there are these age old questions on art and craft – distinguishing art from craft – or- how art becomes craft – or- craft becomes art. I run into this Ted Talk – Art Vs Craft , which tells me some history of artists and artisans. I keep mulling over this, put a table for myself and my brain connects the pieces and comes up with something –   GOD, the Artist and We, the Artisans!

Why did I do this, connecting God and Art, it started with the intriguing abstractness they both share. I kept musing, I keep musing and my brain keeps connecting , in different lights. Now there comes another thought, a thought on musing , forming yet another connection,  ‘The Art of Musing’!

The Cycle


Listen to your inner vibes

The cadences of your breath

You sense a beat?

Serene and sole

That sings to your soul

The moment you sense 

Broken are the shackles

A melody springs

And make thy feet swing

Your neurons join hands

And hitch to the rhythm

Your thoughts rhyme 

And verses chime

Love ebbs out of your soul

Thy soul twinkle in thy eyes

Thy vision dances to the beat

Thy every breath resonates

Listen to it…


Paint thyself

Sketch your image
The inner you
Grace with some colors
Some rhythm and some flowers

How about a hat and a feather
And do stop for some breather
To admire the dawn
The glory of your conception

Now breathe in
Your love and passion
Spring to life, the new you!
Your state of the art

The new you would rather see your stride, the art
The art of living!

Your equal and opposite philosopher


Painting by Salvador Dali

For ages, the glory of a period has been interpreted in terms of its growth in art and literature. However now, we could see the glory and prosperity is all about the technological advancements.That we tend to incline towards strategical solutions, creativity or innovation is no more a leap. In my previous post, ‘God, the magic word’I wrote up that ‘There is an unfathomable magic associated with the leap in faith and the logic would take away this magic from it‘. This to be looked up more from an emotional standpoint, the magic lies in leap, the mystery, the unknown, is like the inexplicable emotion that lies in the yen for the un-uttered words of love. For a logical argument, there would be a satisfaction out of it, but would take away the innocence and mystery with it. Logic is sort of bound by the inadequacies of our brain, imposes a limit to our purview, does not let our imagination run wild. The more we reason, the more we know, our thoughts are confined, narrowed and no more freedom from the known. Reasoning may help us jump puddles yet we need belief when we have oceans to leap.

A couple of days ago, I was surfing the net and ran into this – ‘For every philosopher there is always an equal and opposite philosopher’,  first law of philosophy, very much alike Newton’s third law of motion. The site had many contradictory yet equally satisfying views of illustrious philosophers from different ages, from Plato to Rene Descartes and their arguments on body and soul. Later that day, I was sitting on the terrace, trying to cerebrate a bit and my thoughts went diving into the deep blue, as some beautiful fireworks colored the night sky. We do know the science behind the fireworks, don’t we? Yet our heart leaps high with it, our eyes reflect their twinkle, our mood drifts back to our childhood fantasies. I could sense the equal and opposite argument dawning in me, I could sense my fascination for the fireworks overtaking the science and logic behind it, contradicting my former thoughts.

Hard for me to accept, but ‘how’ was the real question, Isn’t it? How could one get carried away by despite knowing how it works. The very next morning, another random surf, and Salvador Dali’s painting was staring at me, nailing in the answer. Two opposite propositions could be true at a time given the difference in perception! It’s not the science or the logic that takes away the magic, but our perception does!

‘Perception’ is quite mystic and so much tangled with the belief, that we do not know where its causal efficacy lies – as in, We perceive what we believe and we believe in what we perceive. We would get stuck if we try to see from within. It could take a lot, to step out, to get the true picture, to appreciate the beauty of the tangle.

There is always this equal and opposite philosopher inside each of us, just that we don’t like to end up contradicting ourselves, that we mentally deny and kill one of our inner philosophers. We need both of them, every bit, to let us grow, to lift us to a vantage point, to let us see the whole dimension of the context.And it’s absolutely fine to end up in a paradox, for that is how the world is.

Well, I wish to have some answers, some logically reasonable answers, out of my life, that said, I believe in fostering fantasies too, love to get lost in my wonderland, believe those wondrous sparkles, embosom and preserve the mirth of life, and so it does..

God, the magic word!

GOD, is an interesting word, with myriad meanings and attributes, could be quoted with intriguing adjectives and metaphors. One word about which we disagree yet agree. This reminds me of the Blind-men & an Elephant parable, wonderful analogy that implies – despite our disagreements, the truth is that, we all are along the right lines. There is another intriguing concept – the evolution, yes! If we watch the history carefully we could observe that the concept of God has also evolved with us. It started as the expression of man’s gratitude towards whatever he appreciates but could not reason out at that time, subsequently formulated, documented along with the habits/practices of that period, which we call religion and the hence the very concept has got irrevocable tangled with the religion. This evolution is also one among the aspects that cause disagreements because evolution has happened, outside the religions, even across the religions but not within! Nowadays we quite often run into posts that furnish logical reasons and  scientific explanations for many of our archived religious practices. We like to know reasons because that gives us a sense of satisfaction and purpose in life, at the same time, we need a clasp when there are gaps. This, I believe is the motive behind the works of many illustrious thinkers to bring science and God under one roof.

Well we know, there are believers and non- believers. Let’s start with atheists, the non believers – I see there are various reasons for one turning out to be an atheist, a typical argument would be ‘You cannot say God exists because you cannot reason out the orgin/existence the universe, for you cannot give a tangible proof for the existence of God as well’, while there are also other reasons like frustration, of people doing incredibly ridiculous things under the veil of religion, tired of the hypocrisy, that now they seek solace in science, trying to reason out their lives. On the other hand, the theists, the believers, tend to fall into one or more of the below categories. One – those who believe there is God because, like I said before, there are things in this world that goes beyond explanation, which they would like to put broadly under the tagline ‘the supreme/ultimate power’. Two – those who like to call themselves theist because they believe virtuousness comes with the package. Three –  those who believe because the holy scriptures says so, the fundamentalists.

I’m sure enough, we all are, follow the extracts of any holy book that is out there, despite their differences in period, you will find them, all good and wise, for they all share one common proposition  – to bring in peace and balance in the society. They all have tried to inscribe this very concept of peace and balance onto our subconscious, that we very well know when we deviate from it. Yet, religion by itself is not God, religion is more a way of life!

God has become the much needed clasp for life to go on. He fills the gaps in our inference of the existence of the universe and ourselves. We can’t afford to have these gaps because these are not just gaps in our understanding, these in fact are gaps in the purpose of our life. That’s why despite the differences in our ideology, we find the very idea of God is inevitable for us.I guess most of us, have even noticed some atheists, look up to the supreme power at the crucial hour. I have been through this phase too, I have been grown up as a blind follower, then I wanted to connect and correlate the science and religion, then I had been an atheist for quite sometime, though was not bold enough to reveal, especially thinking of the bizarre looks I would get for being unorthodox and now, my opinion is a mixture of all these phases yet different altogether.

Well, how many of you have felt a strange over pouring emotion when you listen to your favorite devotional song, how many of you wish to live with the feel that someone with the ultimate power is there to take care of you?

Then comes our big questions – Who am I ? How this universe came into existence?..and we always try to establish a connection between the answers to these questions and God. We tend to think, if we could figure out that God has created the universe, God exists! And the day we end up scientifically proving the dawn of universe, science wins!

For argument sake, let’s say the universe and the entire Cosmo is an end product of causality, still I would take God away from this and put Him up differently. I would say – God, is the output or the end product of the reaction between – our emotion, which we call the devotion and the Cosmo – which is the belief in its purest form! You may say the power of God is directly proportional to the intensity of this emotion, thus explaining its subjective nature. This reaction you may call, the answers to your prayers, without which,  we are all subjected to causality.  May be yet another perception of a blind man 🙂

Now back to the drawing board, to speak of bringing science and God together, it is to say, bring logic and belief together, it feels queer, as it appears to me the logic would never have the magic of belief. It’s something like the difference between a complex geometrical representation and a fine art. The former could never get that magical feel because he is well aware of his progress and the outcome and cherish his success at each stage, bit by bit, that he does not have much of relish left towards the end, while the merriment of the artists is that of a child’s, looking at his candy! There is always this unfathomable magic associated to this leap, both in creativity and belief. It may happen that, one day we hold the scientific proofs to reason out God, but I’m afraid we would not perceive God the same way we do now, for that magic would be gone.

Rap ‘n Redemption

Dear dainty divas
You were not bright as you may guess
For you let them maneuver
Your love, for their langour.

Pretty prima donnas
You pandered to their cozy whims
Blithely fostered their hebetude
By the name of solicitude.

Oh lovely ladies
You ought to face the repurcussions
For you let them turn their brawns
Into years of dominance and oppression.

Fret not !!!
For those days are gone
And here comes your pinnacle
Wrapped in lavender and purple.