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The Cliché

Let’s start with a quote –  ‘Opposite attracts’, seems very much self-evident in terms of magnetism, to the fact that a north pole of a magnet attracts a south pole. However, we use this popular saying in-numerous times in various contexts – It’s all about our thinking pattern –  our human mind always tries to connect the dots, trace and form a link between our current  and past experiences/memories, importantly in accord with our desires!  For instance, when people fall in love with a person who is way different from them, you know what people say, don’t you?:-), “Not a surprise, you know, the opposite attracts!, I know you both will be great together..blah…blah…blah..!”. But does it really hold good, every time? To me, a relationship is bringing in two different entities, unique, destined to unify for a purpose, eventually forced to accept and adjust each other. To make things work, a couple should always compliment each other, grow from each other, still be compatible and adjustable, to form a whole healthy relationship – what’s there with opposite attracts?

Now back to magnetism – Opposite attracts?  really ? ? I do agree, a south pole attracts a north pole, but wait! that’s only when you are looking at the poles!

Let’s step out a little and look again, at both the magnets as a whole. Okay… what we see ? – Yes! we could see that –  a magnet that is positioned in N-S direction attracts another magnet that is positioned in the N-S direction, in the same fashion!  Why we never bothered to look at it this way? Think!

It’s up to us to look at the poles or whole magnet, up to us to look at the bigger picture. Unfortunately life is not as simple as it, where to determine whether we are looking at the poles or the whole magnet itself  is a challenge. We perceive based on what we see at that point of time and act, deemed to face the repercussions later , be it good or bad. This is not about scenarios where one knowingly  commits a crime or an act that is universally identified as so. This is all about people who acts and thinks, they are doing the right thing, but get into trouble, despite their act seems righteous. For instance, let’s take a socialist trying to act against a social crime. Ofcourse that’s a virtuous act, yet we have enough history with us, on the mishaps and hiccups faced by the socialists. According to the so called Karmic law, good begets good! What’s with all these commotion?, something to seriously look at! to think what we miss.

We see things, as what appears as good and bad to us, we don’t break our conditioning to step out and see. As with the magnet, we are stuck to the poles! We are conditioned to classify things as good and evil , not as action and reaction. We fail to discern the happenings as cause and effect, fail to observe the universe goes by that law, never taking sides.  The socialist had hell because he failed to foresee and analyze the possible threads and diligently develop a strategy, efficient enough to defend himself, left alone curing the society. I wanna cite our epic Mahabharata, where the Pandavas would have lost, despite being  virtuous , if they didn’t have the brilliant strategist –  Krishna on their side. When I write this I could sense my heart thumping, saying NO!!! Truth always Triumps !!!, Krishna being with them or not, I started wondering if that’s a cliché too.. Then I realized , there is no truth when there is ignorance. Krishna was the tool to clear the ignorance, to discover the truth, as Ignorance is not an excuse, when we take such huge responsibilities, so said Dan Brown – ‘Ignorance is a crime at times of social crises’.!

P.S – I would leave it to you to rephrase the cliché.



Some say ‘know thyself’, some say ‘annihilate the I factor’. Some say ‘just live your life’, some talk of abnegation. We get advices for setting  and realizing our materialistic goals, while the so- called wise say ‘seek thy spiritual self’. Knowledge is wealth or freedom from the known?  Why we are always at the crossroads, we know not where it ends and whichever we pick, why there is always miles to go? Why we cry at both the movies and in reality? What is that we are covering us with, why that we always run from the truth?  Or worse..there is no truth at all!


The paradisiac nature has blessed us with all wondrous beauties –  the sun-kissed clouds, the breath-taking view of mountains and the sun rising slowly above them, vibrant rivers and the scenic beauty of its confluence with the sea, serenity of the lakes, wind whispering to the trees and birds chirping around them, lush greeneries , ethereal blossoms and it’s heavenly fragrance, so enchanting, spectacular, picture-perfect, sometimes we even get the feel, the whole world is made for us, all for us, just for us! Then, suddenly, all upside down, it just takes a moment…all gone with an earth quake or a Tsunami. What seemed motherly and altruistic, all of a sudden seems self -serving, inconsiderate, uncaring, disastrous!. One may say it’s the repercussions we deemed to face for disturbing her balance, be it! still, nature doesn’t mind killing us to maintain her balance? We do see the same behavior among us, among all living beings, don’t we? a primal instinct to fortify thyself, we have seen even the most caring and tolerant people, acting otherwise at times of crises. Does that depict inheritance ? Nature’s paradigm? We always think nature as transcendent, but then did we discern nature is also immanent? We realize not, we are an embodiment of nature as well . This is important, this very realization , as it ought to  bring  a sense of responsibility to maintain the balance and harmony, not just with the outer world , within us as well, thus bringing in the much -wanted peace!

Different strokes for different folks

I recently moved in to this young city, Gurgoan, well-known for its night life. Having been brought up bit orthodox, I couldn’t be very much responsive to the sudden drift in life style. Many a things, right from the way of dressing, seemed contradictory from what I had been taught morally right, all along. People here seem a bit of  pleasure – seeking types, drawing pleasure from every single moment, truly believing they live their life to the core. It’s not just that their way of life is different, it’s the purpose of life. I would say it’s almost a paradigm shift for me, transitioning from an altruistic environment to various degrees of hedonism. I was trying to contemplate so much on this lately, even tried to pick up a talk with a couple of folks over my tea, to perceive their views. Guess what? It lead me to most basic right-wrong  paradox.

‘What is the right thing’ is a big question indeed, always subjective, always transient, always unsettled, more often confused with the social conformity. Many a times we are forced, sometimes even conditioned to align to the societal views, irrespective of what ever our conscience says. Moreover, it’s not just the context of the’s is also very much influenced by other Rs –  ‘the Right time’, ‘the Right quantity’, the Right place’, etc..

Everyone has the freewill, to make their own choice, shape their own destiny, just that we have to bear in mind, we do have to endure all the consequences of the decisions we make. Decisions, decisions  – we make it everyday – big or small – I would say, better, when we base it on an educated guess of the desirable-resultant-repercussions, rather than the original act itself. Well you could still ask, does desirable make it right ? I would say –  yes, no :-), may it could be the right choice if it’s desirable for everyone, not just me.

Guess this painting would not make me indulgent 😉  to our friend next door for his birthday – Cheers!


A blissful day

                 It was just another sunny day in Chennai, when my office had arranged a day out. I was super excited as the docket included a catamaran ride. It was almost noon, by the time we reached and  I was pretty much focused on my two primary goals – the ride to the sea and of course, the food and happy that both took the top position on the agenda.With the life vests up, we were all set, of course with a mixed feeling. I was quite peppy in the beginning, enjoying the bumpy – jumpy feeling over the small waves, with water splashing all over. After what seemed like twenty minutes, we stopped at a point ,that felt like we are in the middle of the sea. There was a rope around 20 feet long secured to the hull; we were told to hold it and  just jump. I was little edgy yet 1..2 ..3 ..and did it!

It felt different, the might of the sea, the expanse of it , how minor I am compared to it. We never realize it when we are in the land, safe and secure inside the four walls. We always have the illusion as that’s the whole world for us. It reminded me of a crazy idea I used to have in my childhood days, I used to imagine that the whole world is revolving around me, picture myself as the principle character of a huge drama, on this world-stage, where everyone else is chipping in, just for me :-). Nature broke all my ego on that day, showing her might, making me feel so minuscule, frail. The more I sensed it, more anxious I became. I tried to keep my head up and clutched the rope tightly. My body became stiff and soon started aching, yet I didn’t want to give up, wanted to explore and savor the moment to the fullest. I comforted myself with some rosy words, put my head back, held the rope gently and relaxed my body.

That was the moment! the moment I was caressed in the best duvet, swayed in the best cradle! Nature is indeed the best mother as all say, all  you have to do is to  surrender to her. I was savoring the moment and my thoughts drifted. Man always thinks himself as superior, his ego doesn’t allow him to yield, though we know it’s the grass that survives the cyclone and not the mighty trees. But then, I also realized surrender takes one to a different level. It slowly took me to a pensive state, where everything felt so trivial to me, all I could hear was the sound of the waves, I could feel the drift in the frequency, everything became calm and serene, then for some brief moments, my thoughts went blank. It was then, I realized, whenever we think we meditate, we don’t, we can’t, it happens! and all we have to do is let it happen.

The common impediment we hear from people who try to meditate is, the thoughts, layers and layers of it, one leading to the other. It all links back to the ‘I’ factor, our ego, as for each of us, as was my childhood fantasy, the world revolve around us, so do our thoughts. All it takes is, to come out of the illusion we have constructed about ourselves, forget who we think we are, all thoughts surrounding us would automatically vanquish itself, as there is no trigger, as there is no motive, as there is no identity, there we are, aligned to the frequency of the nature, where only consciousness prevails and meditation happens! Oh yes, we can feel the bliss…

Quilling Quest

It was three years back then, when one of my colleague demonstrated some quilling works of hers during a cultural event. The simplicity of the craft attracted me and was quite intrigued to try it out. Soon it became very popular among the localities , that every one was like, quilled earning, quilled cards, quilled cds, quilled this , quilled that. Okay, me as well :-), that’s when my crafting journey began… Thanks to google! They were crazy times when I used to surf day and night, looking for appealing design, trying to tweak a lil and add my own version of imagination. Soon I started pouring out my thoughts on to quilling and here are some of my favorites.

15-09-05-17-52-35-219_deco2014-03-19 11.44.312014-03-06 13.01.27Quilled Vase