The paradisiac nature has blessed us with all wondrous beauties –  the sun-kissed clouds, the breath-taking view of mountains and the sun rising slowly above them, vibrant rivers and the scenic beauty of its confluence with the sea, serenity of the lakes, wind whispering to the trees and birds chirping around them, lush greeneries , ethereal blossoms and it’s heavenly fragrance, so enchanting, spectacular, picture-perfect, sometimes we even get the feel, the whole world is made for us, all for us, just for us! Then, suddenly, all upside down, it just takes a moment…all gone with an earth quake or a Tsunami. What seemed motherly and altruistic, all of a sudden seems self -serving, inconsiderate, uncaring, disastrous!. One may say it’s the repercussions we deemed to face for disturbing her balance, be it! still, nature doesn’t mind killing us to maintain her balance? We do see the same behavior among us, among all living beings, don’t we? a primal instinct to fortify thyself, we have seen even the most caring and tolerant people, acting otherwise at times of crises. Does that depict inheritance ? Nature’s paradigm? We always think nature as transcendent, but then did we discern nature is also immanent? We realize not, we are an embodiment of nature as well . This is important, this very realization , as it ought to  bring  a sense of responsibility to maintain the balance and harmony, not just with the outer world , within us as well, thus bringing in the much -wanted peace!


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