Daily Archives: September 23, 2015

The Cliché

Let’s start with a quote –  ‘Opposite attracts’, seems very much self-evident in terms of magnetism, to the fact that a north pole of a magnet attracts a south pole. However, we use this popular saying in-numerous times in various contexts – It’s all about our thinking pattern –  our human mind always tries to connect the dots, trace and form a link between our current  and past experiences/memories, importantly in accord with our desires!  For instance, when people fall in love with a person who is way different from them, you know what people say, don’t you?:-), “Not a surprise, you know, the opposite attracts!, I know you both will be great together..blah…blah…blah..!”. But does it really hold good, every time? To me, a relationship is bringing in two different entities, unique, destined to unify for a purpose, eventually forced to accept and adjust each other. To make things work, a couple should always compliment each other, grow from each other, still be compatible and adjustable, to form a whole healthy relationship – what’s there with opposite attracts?

Now back to magnetism – Opposite attracts?  really ? ? I do agree, a south pole attracts a north pole, but wait! that’s only when you are looking at the poles!

Let’s step out a little and look again, at both the magnets as a whole. Okay… what we see ? – Yes! we could see that –  a magnet that is positioned in N-S direction attracts another magnet that is positioned in the N-S direction, in the same fashion!  Why we never bothered to look at it this way? Think!

It’s up to us to look at the poles or whole magnet, up to us to look at the bigger picture. Unfortunately life is not as simple as it, where to determine whether we are looking at the poles or the whole magnet itself  is a challenge. We perceive based on what we see at that point of time and act, deemed to face the repercussions later , be it good or bad. This is not about scenarios where one knowingly  commits a crime or an act that is universally identified as so. This is all about people who acts and thinks, they are doing the right thing, but get into trouble, despite their act seems righteous. For instance, let’s take a socialist trying to act against a social crime. Ofcourse that’s a virtuous act, yet we have enough history with us, on the mishaps and hiccups faced by the socialists. According to the so called Karmic law, good begets good! What’s with all these commotion?, something to seriously look at! to think what we miss.

We see things, as what appears as good and bad to us, we don’t break our conditioning to step out and see. As with the magnet, we are stuck to the poles! We are conditioned to classify things as good and evil , not as action and reaction. We fail to discern the happenings as cause and effect, fail to observe the universe goes by that law, never taking sides.  The socialist had hell because he failed to foresee and analyze the possible threads and diligently develop a strategy, efficient enough to defend himself, left alone curing the society. I wanna cite our epic Mahabharata, where the Pandavas would have lost, despite being  virtuous , if they didn’t have the brilliant strategist –  Krishna on their side. When I write this I could sense my heart thumping, saying NO!!! Truth always Triumps !!!, Krishna being with them or not, I started wondering if that’s a cliché too.. Then I realized , there is no truth when there is ignorance. Krishna was the tool to clear the ignorance, to discover the truth, as Ignorance is not an excuse, when we take such huge responsibilities, so said Dan Brown – ‘Ignorance is a crime at times of social crises’.!

P.S – I would leave it to you to rephrase the cliché.