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Color me autumn


Winter is right at my doors! Yet, my heart sings red and yellow and oblige to this unfathomable call of fall **hmmm***  may be it’s just the impulse to resonate my feeds, overrun with maple leaves and pumpkin patches; may be my fancy for peaches or lust for tawny branches! Perhaps my bubbling urge to praise the cession of the trees, that toss their blushing leaves, to wash our way with hue.

Could just be a whim..


Must be a hunch! to let fall our fallacies…
to shed off the duff and pep up, anew as dew!
to efface the haze and spring ablaze !

Different strokes for different folks

I recently moved in to this young city, Gurgoan, well-known for its night life. Having been brought up bit orthodox, I couldn’t be very much responsive to the sudden drift in life style. Many a things, right from the way of dressing, seemed contradictory from what I had been taught morally right, all along. People here seem a bit of  pleasure – seeking types, drawing pleasure from every single moment, truly believing they live their life to the core. It’s not just that their way of life is different, it’s the purpose of life. I would say it’s almost a paradigm shift for me, transitioning from an altruistic environment to various degrees of hedonism. I was trying to contemplate so much on this lately, even tried to pick up a talk with a couple of folks over my tea, to perceive their views. Guess what? It lead me to most basic right-wrong  paradox.

‘What is the right thing’ is a big question indeed, always subjective, always transient, always unsettled, more often confused with the social conformity. Many a times we are forced, sometimes even conditioned to align to the societal views, irrespective of what ever our conscience says. Moreover, it’s not just the context of the’s is also very much influenced by other Rs –  ‘the Right time’, ‘the Right quantity’, the Right place’, etc..

Everyone has the freewill, to make their own choice, shape their own destiny, just that we have to bear in mind, we do have to endure all the consequences of the decisions we make. Decisions, decisions  – we make it everyday – big or small – I would say, better, when we base it on an educated guess of the desirable-resultant-repercussions, rather than the original act itself. Well you could still ask, does desirable make it right ? I would say –  yes, no :-), may it could be the right choice if it’s desirable for everyone, not just me.

Guess this painting would not make me indulgent 😉  to our friend next door for his birthday – Cheers!


howdy y’all!

Hello people, after all sorts of procrastination, finally I’m here , Viola !!!  As it states , this is my lounge , my arcade , which I would like to festoon with all my passionate stuffs.I will be sharing my write-ups  and all my experiments on crafts, sketches, paintings, etc. Of course would love hear from you all..

Watch this space!