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Art of Musing

Musing about Art,  seems equally intriguing, abstract and subjective, as the other three letter –  GOD! Omnipresent, yet takes many forms, there is art for expression, to have a dialogue, there is art to meditate, art for aesthetics and politics; It evolves, yet continues to be authentic. The wondrous Creation, takes the form and color of the Creator’s vision, does develop a soul of its own, and always yen to magically transcend its purpose and we can only give this genesis its due glory,  by keep musing on the mystery of its inception.

Then there are these age old questions on art and craft – distinguishing art from craft – or- how art becomes craft – or- craft becomes art. I run into this Ted Talk – Art Vs Craft , which tells me some history of artists and artisans. I keep mulling over this, put a table for myself and my brain connects the pieces and comes up with something, a metaphor?-  GOD, the Artist and We, the Artisans!

Why did I do this, connecting God and Art, it started with the intriguing abstractness they both share. I kept musing, I keep musing and my brain keeps connecting , in different lights. Now there comes another thought, a thought on musing , forming yet another connection,  ‘The Art of Musing’!


Paint thyself

Sketch your image
The inner you
Grace with some colors
Some rhythm and some flowers

How about a hat and a feather
And do stop for some breather
To admire the dawn
The glory of your conception

Now breathe in
Your love and passion
Spring to life, the new you!
Your state of the art

The new you would rather see your stride, the art
The art of living!