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Quilling Quest

It was three years back then, when one of my colleague demonstrated some quilling works of hers during a cultural event. The simplicity of the craft attracted me and was quite intrigued to try it out. Soon it became very popular among the localities , that every one was like, quilled earning, quilled cards, quilled cds, quilled this , quilled that. Okay, me as well :-), that’s when my crafting journey began… Thanks to google! They were crazy times when I used to surf day and night, looking for appealing design, trying to tweak a lil and add my own version of imagination. Soon I started pouring out my thoughts on to quilling and here are some of my favorites.

15-09-05-17-52-35-219_deco2014-03-19 11.44.312014-03-06 13.01.27Quilled Vase