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The Cycle


Listen to your inner vibes

The cadences of your breath

You sense a beat?

Serene and sole

That sings to your soul

The moment you sense 

Broken are the shackles

A melody springs

And make thy feet swing

Your neurons join hands

And hitch to the rhythm

Your thoughts rhyme 

And verses chime

Love ebbs out of your soul

Thy soul twinkle in thy eyes

Thy vision dances to the beat

Thy every breath resonates

Listen to it…



Rap ‘n Redemption

Dear dainty divas
You were not bright as you may guess
For you let them maneuver
Your love, for their langour.

Pretty prima donnas
You pandered to their cozy whims
Blithely fostered their hebetude
By the name of solicitude.

Oh lovely ladies
You ought to face the repurcussions
For you let them turn their brawns
Into years of dominance and oppression.

Fret not !!!
For those days are gone
And here comes your pinnacle
Wrapped in lavender and purple.


I wanna dance…

the dance that set me free

To jump and flee with glee

and transcend what I see

There I leap and prance

free to choose my stance

I mime, jive and whiz

drenched in the boundless bliss

I wanna dance…

the dance that limn the free will

Causality coops my realm still

The Choice and Destiny


There he is! at the crux…

Taking pride at his freedom of choice

Poor fella, he does not discern his courses are pent

He knows not of ones beyond his purview

There he is! on the fence…

Contemplating his pick

Left to mull over, which door to open after the next

There he is! between the devil and the deep blue sea..

Hoping to get to the Zion

He presumes his doom is the blend of his path

He sees not it’s a pit, a rabbit hole, offering no way back.

There he is! over the moon…

Revering his leeway, glad to take the onus

The choice is his!