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Whirl of Wheels

The wheel whirls taking us to spin along

Weaved to the time’s web

We take its form and space

Behold, perceive and believe

We know not its plot to teach

It’s not just perceptions but layers of revelation !!!


Quilling Quest

It was three years back then, when one of my colleague demonstrated some quilling works of hers during a cultural event. The simplicity of the craft attracted me and was quite intrigued to try it out. Soon it became very popular among the localities , that every one was like, quilled earning, quilled cards, quilled cds, quilled this , quilled that. Okay, me as well :-), that’s when my crafting journey began… Thanks to google! They were crazy times when I used to surf day and night, looking for appealing design, trying to tweak a lil and add my own version of imagination. Soon I started pouring out my thoughts on to quilling and here are some of my favorites.

15-09-05-17-52-35-219_deco2014-03-19 11.44.312014-03-06 13.01.27Quilled Vase